MIMEShield v2.0 - Customer Testimonials
"Grace Marketing is pleased to state that we have become a more secure, efficient and cost-effective company thanks to the lotus-based, anti-spam solution provided by GessWorks, MIMEShield.  Over the past two years, our employees have been inundated with solicitations and inappropriate content during the business day. Our objective was to take a preventative measure to protect our employees and safeguard our firm from unacceptable messages and potentially harmful communication.

Efficiency of our staff is very important, as well. Therefore, protecting their time was a priority. MIMEShield has saved our employee's an average of twenty minutes per day that used to be spent on deleting spam e-mail messages. In just six weeks, MIMEShield has captured and removed 4,300 spam e-mail messages. Our CEO is delighted with the results and service provided by GessWorks. I would recommend MIMEShield as a solution in dealing with spam."

-Eric Clemens, Vice President IT, Grace Marketing


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