MIMEShield v2.0 - How It Works
MIMEShield is an enterprise spam prevention software package which integrates with the Notes extension manager on the Domino server.  Our application is fully integrated within Notes, and therefore uses the Notes Client for all administrative and user tasks. Modifications to Notes designs or templates are not required, and the software will not interfere with other Notes applications. Since MIMEShield is entirely in Notes, there are no new platforms to learn and maintain.

MIMEShield intercepts all internet messages being sent into an organization.  This is done through the Notes extension manager that operates between the SMTP server and the Domino router.  Once intercepted, the e-mail message is analyzed to determine if it is spam and needs to be quarantined.  If MIMEShield determines the message is valid, it is routed as usual.  If the message is determined to be spam, the message is dropped in a "quarantine" database.  From within the quarantine database, an administrator and/or user can use several functions to profile an e-mail message. This includes always accepting future messages from the author/domain of the quarantined message, or always blocking messages from that author/domain.

MIMEShield uses a variety of proprietary analytical functions to immediately determine the appropriateness of each e-mail. Our easy to load and use software goes far beyond simply scanning the e-mail's subject line or validating against an internet blacklist. MIMEShield analyzes many aspects of each e-mail to determine whether it is safe to send, or needs to be quarantined before becoming a headache for your company and employees. MIMEShield can be used as a "shrink-wrapped" software package without customization, or it can be easily customized to meet your company's exact needs. Either way, you'll notice an immediate difference from the minute you install the software.

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