HR Call Center

Our HR Call Center solution is a Lotus Notes based, call/action tracking system for receiving, monitoring and acting upon employee inquiries to your HR department.  Bundled with a knowledge base built specifically for your organization, calls can be resolved in seconds.  This knowledge base is continually growing as your calls increase into the system, thus enabling the tracking and quick responsiveness to many HR Related issues.  Other benefits of our Call Center solution include:

  • Rapid Implementation
  • Reduction in paperwork
  • Reduce costs (Operational Efficiency & paperwork)
  • Improve employee (customer) satisfaction
  • Knowledge Management Encapsulation
  • Prompter and more accurate response to inquiries, and other HR related issues
  • Call escalation for higher level inquiries
  • Personalized attention and efficient problem resolution
  • Shorter transaction time, increased employee productivity
  • Availability to do real time queries of back-end systems
  • Improved employee morale
  • Highly customizable (open source code) 

HR Benefits Enrollment
Our HR Benefits Enrollment is a web based, employee information tracking system for viewing, updating/changing, and processing employee specific information to your HR department.  Using their ID and secret PIN number, employees access their account information from any computer connected to the Internet. Employees are then given the option of making changes to such information as their address, phone, dependents, or benefit selections.  Other benefits of our HR Benefits Enrollment solution include:
  • Reduction in paperwork
  • Reduce costs (Operational Efficiency & paperwork)
  • Manage and track eligibility
  • Automatically send enrollment data to insurance companies
  • Enroll employees in all lines of eligible benefits
  • Built-in error checking for accurate data
  • Support for multiple locations and decentralized HR staff
  • Online open enrollment (paperless)
  • Review and compare employee benefits options
  • Calculate payroll deductions
  • Round-the-clock access from anywhere
  • Highly customizable (open source code)



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