PageMe! is a Lotus Domino/Notes Database/Web Enabled Application that allows you to send Alpha-numeric (full text) messages to pagers. You can integrate the power of PageMe! paging into your existing Lotus Notes applications to allow your current Databases to be "Pager Enabled", as well as providing an easy to use web tool for sending alpha-numeric pages.

PageMe! Uses:
  • Send Time-critical information.

  • Notify support technicians of an error or warning.

  • Integrate messaging into your current Notes Applications.

  • Send alerts or reminder notes. (Wake up calls)

  • Send scheduling or meeting notices.

  • Provide customers an easy way to ask technical support questions.

  • Integrate with dispatch applications.

PageMe! Specifics:
  • Web functionality of PageMe! for 4.6 Servers
  • Currently works with any 4.5 Domino Server on the WinNT 4.0 Server (Intel based).
  • PageMe! can be used as a NAB.
  • Automatic notification of page results.
  • Easy to use interface for Pager Users and Pager Administrators
  • Reminder feature where pages can be set for future dates and times.
  • Recurring reminders (Page me every Monday at 8:00...)
  • Easy to integrate current Notes applications to make them "Pager Enabled"
  • Stores a log view for tracking the success of pages.
  • Ability to archive old pages to an Archive Database
  • Privacy setting so others cannot see the page.
  • "Pager Service Grouping" for higher throughput
  • Group/list paging
  • Allow Non-Notes users to use the system (Other E-mail packages connected to the Notes Mail via gateways).
  • Numeric paging support.
  • You can send a message up to 1000 characters long. If the message is larger than the maximum characters per block limit of your paging company, then PageMe! will split the message up into multiple pages. You will need to know the paging terminal's alphanumeric paging accer telephone number. This is the phone number of the modem at the paging company that will recieve the messages using the TAP protocol.


PageMe Release Information
Cost per Server:
  • Unregistered Version - FREE (for free trial version send request to:
  • Registered Version - $1,495 (single server)


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