Sales Accelerator

Sales Accelerator version 3.1 is a simple to use, full featured, enterprise contact management tool. Sales Accelerator allows you to manage all of your business relationships and activities that form the sales environment. Sales Accelerator builds on today's most advanced business and sales tools for increasing the effectiveness of your organization or sales force. Sales Accelerator enhances your organizations ability to effectively manage, maintain, and leverage the critical information to gain and maintain an advantage in any prospective industry.

The system offers:

  • Tracking customer and contact information
  • Call report tracking and logging
  • Action items tracking and logging
  • Correspondence letter generation
  • Opportunity tracking and measuring
  • Tracks all business relations and contacts including: vendors, competitors, partners, suppliers, etc
  • Enhanced Product Tracking
  • Enhanced Opportunity Tracking
  • Additional Security Options
  • Provides a fully Cascaded Name and Address Book for ease of e-mail usage
  • Knowledge Management/User Defined options through the Headliners page
Sales Accelerator allows sales representatives to track and manage all leads, companies, contacts, and opportunities throughout the sales cycle. The system also is fully e-mail enabled so when items are created that have your name on them, you will receive an e-mail with information pertaining to that item.  Through our Headliners page, knowledge management processes will give each specific user a way in which to inform them of those specific items that are of the most importance to them (such as e-mail from specific people, company bulletins, etc).


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