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Let our team of experts take care of your IBM Notes® Help Desk tickets. Find out more about how we can get your issues resolved quickly and efficiently.

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Let Us Help Your Help Desk

Let us be your IBM Notes® Help Desk expert. Our Help Desk Support team is staffed with US-based application designers, with direct experience in IBM Notes® development. We know first hand the kinds of issues that might arise with applications and agents. This allows us to quickly zero in on the root causes of problems, and get them resolved efficiently, keeping your budget under control.

How We Can Help

No problem is too small for our Help Desk Support Team. With over 20 years of experience, our highly skilled experts are uniquely able to identify root issues of problems for quick resolution of a wide range of issues, providing fast turn-around of your IBM Notes® Help Desk tickets. Help Desk areas of expertise include:

  • Security Issues
  • Agents/Programs Issues
  • Application changes based on changes in business roles and direction
  • Application Migrations
  • Data Imports
  • Data Updates