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IBM Notes® Development ─ What We Do

Put IBM Notes® to work for your business. IBM Notes® isn't meant to be a stand alone system. Our experts integrate IBM Notes® into applications that reach across business systems, pulling together information from all areas of your business to provide comprehensive applications that move your business forward.

How We Do It

Our expert consultants are uniquely skilled in identifying root issues and key requirements that make even Phase Zero projects meet your business needs. We have extensive experience with the tools and systems to make IBM Notes® applications work seamlessly across business systems. Whether IBM Notes® is your main application, or if it's operating behind the scenes, we can create applications that pull together information from all areas of your business.


  • ODBC
  • COM
  • IBM MQ
  • Custom Interfaces


  • Oracle
  • JDE
  • SQL
  • AS400
  • Web Services

What We Can Do for You

We can create applications that tie together all of your business sytems. We develop IBM Notes® systems that pull information from other business unit systems and generate reports that can be easilty be displayed or exported into any system or format. System outputs are completely customizable into any application necessary for your end users, whether they are internal employees or external customers.

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Discover ways to make your IBM Notes® system work more effectively for your business. It would be our pleasure to discuss what we can create to make IBM Notes® work for you in more powerful ways than you've ever seen before.

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