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    Compass will transform your business applications to a modern platform and user experience.
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Introducing Compass

You’ve been waiting for a smart solution, and we’ve built it. Until now you’ve had to strain your budget while waiting weeks, if not months for developers to build or migrate custom applications to meet your business needs. No longer. Compass will modernize your business application platform, giving you quick and unlimited access to custom apps in the cloud. Just log in to your Compass account to get the applications you need in an easy to manage browser-based environment.



  • Rapid low-cost migration
  • User-friendly interface
  • Access to unlimited number of applicatons
  • Advanced security built-in
  • Implementation and onboarding services
  • Enterprise grade scalability
  • Integrated help desk
  • High availability and load balancing
  • Easy migration from popular enterprise systems
  • Mobile device ready


  • Compass workflow included
  • Mobile ready responsive design
  • Easy, secure integration to popular enterprise systems: JDE, Oracle, MQ, MS SQL, IBM DB2, Azure SQL
  • High availability and load balancing
  • Global access to applications
  • Scalability to handle tens of thousands of applications and users
  • Fully integrated help desk
  • Daily cloud backups
  • Hourly application backups


  • Compass Workspace - single point of entry for all applications
  • Compass Application Library - secure listing of authorized applications
  • Migration leverages existing business rules and application design - complete redesign unnecessary
  • Vast cost savings from a single environment for all applications
  • Ability to share design and enhancements across multiple applications
  • Includes enterprise solution for managing the life cycle of applications
  • Runs on Compass Cloud, your cloud, on-premises or hybrid

Security & Uptime

  • Application access granted by manager/owner
  • Advanced security for applications with record level security
  • Fully encrypted applications
  • Clustered server environment
  • System recovery plan
  • Secure email for notifications


Find your path in a digital world.

Cloud Based

Compass and your applications reside in the cloud, making your work accessible anywhere, on any device. Running on the Compass Cloud, your cloud, on-premises or hybrid, Compass can connect to your business data to read and update in real time.

Compass Workspace

Compass empowers users. Compass has an intuitive interface that keeps your applications organized in a central location. It features a library of applications to add to your workspace. Users can customize their workspace by adding applications you want and removing the ones you don’t.

Flexible and Secure

Our team of expert developers provide rapid development and migration of your new or existing applications. The Compass platform is designed for simplicity, security and global access with a browser or mobile device.

Compass Workflow

Compass includes our low-code workflow engine that can streamline even the most complex process. Workflows can be automated for your business functions from start to finish. Compass Workflow includes notifications and status tracking to follow your workflow’s progress, all controllable through an easy to use interface.

Helping Businesses To Streamline Systems For The Last 24 Years

Our applications have been used by over 50,000 users with more than 125 clients worldwide.

From developing large-scale applications rolled out to thousands of users corporate-wide to quick fix help desk support, no project is too big and no task is too small for our expertise and attention.

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